Monday, January 24, 2011

I love cooking shows! I always get inspired to create a dish or re-create what they are doing with what I have on hand. Today I craved something decadent and rich. I had already planned to make turkey meatballs and my spaghetti sauce, so following that up with chocolate made total sense!

I finely grated carrots into the turkey meatball mixture and used Italian breadcrumbs, instead of crackers. The sauce I made was a basic marinara sauce and it paired nicely with the turkey.
This was an indulgence for us...couldn't resist :) It made 6 ramekins and 2 were taken to the neighbors to spread the goodness!
Every once in a while it is good to indulge,. I only ate half and was able to stay with my daily calorie and fat intake goals!
Cal adds that this MUST be eaten with a bit of vanilla ice cream.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Hair Style, New Projects

A New Year is a wonderful excuse to start new things. I decided to cut my! That's right, at least 8 inches were chopped away and I am sporting a short do that I love! I am also going to attempt to be more creative and do several projects this year. There are several types of crafts that I would like to try, but for my first project I went with cross-stitching. I haven't done this in years, like 15 years! But I have enjoyed it. I started on the 1st of January with a stamped pattern (I know, but I haven't worked the courage up for counted cross stitch just yet)
Here is how the finished project should look:
My progress by Day 2:
Day 3:
Not perfect, but a good starting point for my "Crafty New Year"

What are your plans this year?