Thursday, December 2, 2010

Giving Thanks..... shouldn't be limited to one day. Today I am thankful for my health (hey, it could be wayyy worse), for my family, and for my home.

This morning after we took hubby to the bus stop, the kids and I returned home to see 3 fire trucks, 2 cops and an ambulance on our block. There was smoke and distraught heart sank. The fire was put out fairly quickly and no one was injured. The damaged was somewhat contained in one area. Not sure if they will be able to stay there tonight, the smoke damage and smell may be too bad.

Christmas time is upon us and now this family will have to direct their funds and energy into clean-up. They have 2 kids and my heart hurts for them. These are hard and stressful times, without adding something like this to it.

Too often we forget to STOP and look around at all the blessing we have been granted. I urge you to do that today. There are so many that do without daily, so many that are going through the worst time of their life right this minute. Give Thanks and Give to Others.....we reap what we sow.

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