Sunday, December 5, 2010

Celebrate and Decorate!

I love Christmas, I love the lights, the sounds, the smells....all of it! Mostly I love baking and cooking special recipes to delight my family and friends. I look for new things to try, as well as, new twists on old favorites.

For our annual "tree party" (that's what my son calls it when we put up the Christmas tree), I wanted to make something special, something that would make everyone say "Wow!"
I found inspiration from The Proud Italian Cook, you can find her blog here:

Eggplant Timbales - little packages of yumminess made with roasted eggplant and filled with small pasta, sauce ( I used some of the Cacciatore sauce I made) and Parmesan cheese....
The main dish I chose was Chicken Cacciatore.......this is heavenly! The sauce is amazing filled with green bell pepper, onions and zucchini
Serve with spaghetti and asiago cheese bread...they definitely said "Wow!"

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