Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summer is approaching.......

And I am not ready! There are so many things to get done before they are out, like sign up for camps and buy craft supplies. I think we need a new sprinkler and of course bubbles.

Just so many things.....and then there is next year. Dylan will be in pre-k at Grace's school, Grace will be in fourth grade, I will be the treasurer for the PTA and there is a possibility Cal is going to be the assistant coach for Grace's soccer team in the fall. Both kids will be playing soccer next season, which means 2 practices a week, 2 games on Saturdays..........whew!
Plus, Cal is thinking of going back to school for his Bachelor's degree........and you know that the summer is going to fly by.

So, my mind is having trouble resting as life swirls around us. Yesterday I tried to relax and reflect on what a wonderful family I have and how quickly I am healing. I am so grateful that I could go to her last game on Saturday! It was so fun to watch her in action. We have a great team and an excellent coach!

Yesterday I baked cookies and made dinner for the first time in over a month, can you believe it! I have soooooooo missed being in the kitchen! I received my new issue of Taste of Home magazine and couldn't believe all the wonderful chicken recipes in it. Plus, it has some great grill recipes. Cal is anxious for that!

Apple-Brined Chicken Thighs....yummy! I have never made a brine before, but
I will definitely do it again. This would be great to serve when having company. Next time, I plan to double the green beans. They were excellent!

I topped the green beans and apples with the chicken and onions that had marinated in the brine for over 2 hours.

Looks tasty, doesn't it??

Dinner is served! Cal made his creamy potatoes to compliment the meal :-)

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Stephanie said...

That looks yummy! Wish you were closer to share some of your leftovers. BTY I am glad to see you blogging again, I have missed keeping up with your family.
Love you!