Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kids and Animals....Make for great memories

That's why we enjoy a membership at our zoo! Although we have been many times, the kids always have fun and they seem to see something new each trip. (or maybe they just look at it differently) Whatever the case may be, it is always a good time with the family :)

Here is Grace-She likes to pack her own small back pack with a notebook, pencil, sunglasses and a few other treasures. She is writing down facts about the elephants in this picture. Writing down the facts and drawing the animals is something she started about a year ago. Each trip she will pick 2 or 3 different animals.
Here are my men watching the elephants!
It is "High Noon" moment for the funny bird and Dylan....Who will back off quicker? (Dylan ran off when the bird stood tall and fluffed his feathers at him...hehehe)

the bird seems more at ease with Grace being close :)

"It's FISH, Mommy!!!"

Here we are getting front row viewing of the sloth's meal time. They are so cute! This is a rare moment! There have been many, many trips that the sloths are hiding. This is only the second or third time I have seen them so close up!

Grace and the peacock!

Cal's favorite animal...the sea lion!

The Zebras were out and looked beautiful!

My Silly Photo for the day! Aren't they cute?!

And of course the carousel shot :)

What did you do for Spring Break? Do you have family outings that you take regularly?


Leslie said...

Does Walmart count as a family outing??? HeHe

Steph said...

ROFL...too funny!!!!